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Asphalting. Perm and Perm Region. The catalogue of the goods and services.

  1. NTKRussia, 614058, Perm City, Derevoobdelochnaya St, 3, of. 2
    +7 342 293-07-00

    Rental of construction equipment and machinery  Blagoustroystvo, uborka territorii  Nerudnie materiali 

  2. PERMSKAGROPROMHIMIYARussia, 614065, Perm City, Nestyukovskiy highway, 2
    +7 342 299-80-15

    Nerudnie materiali  Bus terminal, passenger transportation  Fertilizers. Means of plant protection 

  3. PROIZVODSTVO ASFALTOBETONARussia, 618400, Perm Region, Berezniki Town, Novosodovaya St, 63
    +7 902-800-17-84

    Building and trimming materials  Asphalting  broken-stone ballast 

  4. SOLIKAMSKSTROYRussia, 618547, Perm Region, Solikamsk Town, Rozi Lyuksemburg St, 19
    +7 34253 7-74-44

    Repair and buiding works. Start-adjusting operations  foam concrete  Asphalting 

  5. TRANSNERUDTORG, TNTRussia, 614081, Perm City, Kosmonavtov fwy, 65
    +7 342 247-31-00

    Peschano graviynaya smes (PGS)  Torf  Asphalting 

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