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foam concrete. Perm and Perm Region. The catalogue of the goods and services.

    +7 342 294-58-87

    Building and trimming materials  cement  foam concrete 

  2. GSI-TREST № 7Russia, 614065, Perm City, Promishlennaya St, 1031
    +7 342 206-11-39

    Repair and buiding works  Hangar  Metallokonstruktsii 

  3. METEM, PROIZVODSTVENNOE PREDPRIYATIERussia, 614033, Perm City, Kuybisheva St, 118
    +7 342 205-59-60

    Metal goods  Penobloki   Trotuarnaya plitka 

  4. MRAMORIT-STROYRussia, 614113, Perm City, Prichalnaya St, 23
    +7 342 246-25-05

    TSvetniki  Vases  Building and trimming materials 

  5. PENOBETONSTROYRussia, 614056, Perm City, Solikamskaya St, 248
    +7 342 290-70-57

    Building of cotteges and private houses  Building materials and constructions, production  Freight traffic. Transport and expeditionary service 

  6. SOLIKAMSKSTROYRussia, 618547, Perm Region, Solikamsk Town, Rozi Lyuksemburg St, 19
    +7 34253 7-74-44

    Repair and buiding works. Start-adjusting operations  foam concrete  Asphalting 

  7. STANDARTBETONRESURS-PERMRussia, 614513, Perm Region, Perm district, Pesyanka Village, Stroiteley St, 1 korp.B
    +7 342 293-28-52

    PESYANKA  Building materials and constructions, production  foam concrete 

  8. STROY-DVOR, BAZA STROITELNIH MATERIALOVRussia, 614047, Perm City, Solikamskaya St, 311
    +7 342 294-42-10

    Building and trimming materials  Building stone. Brick. Clay  Building blends 

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