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photodesign. Perm and Perm Region. The catalogue of the goods and services.

  1. GREEN CITYRussia, 614513, Perm Region, Perm district, Bolshoe Savino Village, Novaya St, 10
    +7 342 287-29-28

    Winter gardens  Blagoustroystvo, uborka territorii  Krupnomeri 

  2. SAD VASHEY MECHTIRussia, 614530, Perm City, Vostochniy obhod St, 1
    +7 342 202-82-32

    Landshaft  Landscape design. Photodesign  nursery 

  3. TSVETI, MAGAZIN (DZERZHINSKIY RAYON)Russia, 614067, Perm City, Habarovskaya St, 153

    Flowers. Bouquets, decoration  Bouquets  Oformlenie pomescheniy 

  4. TSVETI, MAGAZIN (DZERZHINSKIY RAYON)Russia, 614031, Perm City, Dokuchaeva St, 18a
    +7 342 293-55-55

    Flowers. Bouquets, decoration  Oformlenie pomescheniy  Presents. Souvenirs. Rewards 

  5. TSVETI, MAGAZIN (M/R PARKOVIY)Russia, 614015, Perm City, Parkoviy avenue, 3b
    +7 342 293-55-55

    Flowers. Bouquets, decoration  Presents. Souvenirs. Rewards  Seed. Seedlings. Saplings 

  6. TSVETI, MAGAZIN (SVERDLOVSKIY RAYON)Russia, 614064, Perm City, CHkalova St, 24a

    Flowers. Bouquets, decoration  Bouquets  decoration of bouquets 

  7. VISOKIY STILRussia, 614016, Perm City, Kuybisheva St, 50a
    +7 342 286-51-26

    Design of quarters. Interior  photodesign 

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