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nursery. Perm and Perm Region. The catalogue of the goods and services.

  1. GREEN CITYRussia, 614513, Perm Region, Perm district, Bolshoe Savino Village, Novaya St, 10
    +7 342 287-29-28

    Winter gardens  Blagoustroystvo, uborka territorii  Krupnomeri 

  2. KRASNAYA GVOZDIKA, PITOMNIK RASTENIYRussia, 614520, Perm Region, Perm district, Bashkultaevo Village, - null
    +7 342 294-33-83

    Seed. Seedlings. Saplings  Goods for gardeners  Hvoyniki 

  3. MARINA ROSCHA, PITOMNIK PLODOVO-YAGODNIH I DEKORATIVNIH KULTURRussia, 614513, Perm Region, Perm district, Krohovo Village, Polevaya St, 14
    +7 904-845-73-87

    Seed. Seedlings. Saplings  nursery  Derevya 

  4. PERMSKAYA LANDSHAFTNAYA KOMPANIYARussia, 614097, Perm City, Podlesnaya St, 43, of. 305v
    +7 342 203-97-07

    Landshaft  Landscape design. Photodesign  Blagoustroystvo, uborka territorii 

  5. PITOMNIK RUBTSOVIHRussia, 614022, Perm City, Karpinskogo St, 65a
    +7 922-368-57-08

    Flowers. Bouquets, decoration  Seed. Seedlings. Saplings  Ozelenenie 

  6. SAD VASHEY MECHTIRussia, 614530, Perm City, Vostochniy obhod St, 1
    +7 342 202-82-32

    Landshaft  Landscape design. Photodesign  nursery 

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