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Eggs. Perm and Perm Region. The catalogue of the goods and services.

  1. CHAYKOVSKAYA PTITSEFABRIKA - 3, S. KULTAEVORussia, Perm Region, Perm district, Kultaevo Village, Sibirskaya St, 4a
    +7 901-266-97-61

    KULTAEVO  Eggs 

  2. PRODOPTRussia, 614000, Perm City, Vodoprovodnaya 3-ya St, 3
    +7 342 222-78-57

    Produkti pitaniya optom  Meat half-prepared products  sausage, sausage goods 

  3. PTITSA, SET MAGAZINOV, GOLOVNOY OFISRussia, 614058, Perm City, Derevoobdelochnaya St, 3a
    +7 342 238-59-81

    Grocery stores of Dzerzhinsky district  poultry meat  Eggs 

  4. PTITSA, SET MAGAZINOV, INDUSTRIALNIY RAYONRussia, 614022, Perm City, Mira St, 9
    +7 342 224-16-95

    Grocery stores of Industrialny district  Eggs  sausage, sausage goods 

  5. PTITSA, SET MAGAZINOV, M/R NAGORNIYRussia, 614088, Perm City, Sviyazeva St, 18
    +7 342 228-25-51

    Grocery stores of Industrialny district  sausage, sausage goods  Eggs 

  6. PTITSA, SET MAGAZINOV, MOTOVILIHINSKIY RAYONRussia, 614056, Perm City, Ivana Franko St, 38

    Grocery stores of Motovilihinsky district  poultry meat  Eggs 

  7. PTITSEFABRIKA "PERMSKAYA"Russia, 614503, Perm Region, Perm district, Silva Industrial community
    +7 342 296-79-75

    SYLVA  sausage, sausage goods  poultry meat 

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