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european-style remodelling. Perm and Perm Region. The catalogue of the goods and services.

  1. GASIMOV I KO, STROITELNAYA KOMPANIYARussia, 614018, Perm City, Liniya 5-ya St, 1v
    +7 342 247-67-47

    Building of cotteges and private houses  wooden Houses  Doma Iz brevna 

  2. MIX-STROY, SKLAD-MAGAZINRussia, 614033, Perm City, Vasileva St, 3v
    +7 342 293-41-94

    Building blends  Building and trimming materials  dry mixtures 

  3. SEM MASTEROV, STROITELNAYA KOMPANIYARussia, 617760, Perm Region, CHaykovskiy Town, Promishlennaya St, 13, of.318
    +7 34241 2-17-12

    Repair and buiding works. Start-adjusting operations  civil engineering constructive works  Stroitelstvo ban, saun 

  4. SERVISDOMSTROY, SLUZHBA DOMASHNEGO SERVISARussia, 614068, Perm City, Sergeya Danschina St, 5, boks 16
    +7 342 271-83-53

    Multiple-discipline masters services  Elektromontazhnie raboti  european-style remodelling 

  5. STROY-EKSPRESSRussia, 614077, Perm City, Arkadiya Gaydara St, 8b, of. 501
    +7 342 263-34-44

    Repair and buiding works  european-style remodelling  plaster 

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