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ZHilischnie spori. Perm and Perm Region. The catalogue of the goods and services.

  1. ADVOKAT PAVLOV A. V. OOO "YURIDICHESKAYA FIRMA "BEZOPASNOST I PRAVO"Russia, 614039, Perm City, Komsomolskiy avenue, 54, of. 304
    +7 902-790-00-54

    Lawyer's offices. lawyers  representation in courts  Legal advice offices 

  2. ADVOKATSKAYA DINASTIYA KONDRATEVIHRussia, 618400, Perm Region, Berezniki Town, Sovetskiy avenue, 41, ofis 17
    +7 3424 23-26-57

    Legal services  Administrative law  Grazhdanskiy advokat 

    +7 912-888-21-57

    Lawyer's offices. lawyers  Ugolovnoe pravo  ZHilischnie spori 

  4. EKSPERTI PRAVA, ADVOKATSKAYA KONTORARussia, 614046, Perm City, Parkoviy avenue, 37a
    +7 342 271-59-70

    Legal advice offices  Lawyer's offices. lawyers  arbitrage 

  5. PRAVOE DELO, KOLLEGIYA YURISTOVRussia, 614000, Perm City, Sibirskaya St, 22a, of. 7
    +7 342 210-11-05

    Legal advice offices  arbitrage  YUridicheskaya konsultatsiya 

  6. SILVER, YURIDICHESKAYA FIRMARussia, 614000, Perm City, Komsomolskiy avenue, 34, ofis 412
    +7 342 233-57-69

    Legal advice offices  YUridicheskaya konsultatsiya  tax disputes 

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