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Catering. Perm and Perm Region. The catalogue of the goods and services.

  1. ART-STUDIYA PRAZDNIKARussia, 614000, Perm City, 25 Oktyabrya St, 22a
    +7 342 247-47-70

    Oformlenie pomescheniy  Organization of celebrations. Cars and apartments' setting  Catering 

  2. AVRORA KEYTERINGRussia, 614007, Perm City, Revolyutsii St, 12
    +7 922-305-91-63

    Cafe, eating-houses, pizzerias  Keytering  Banquets 

  3. Catering Food TimeRussia, 614097, Perm City, Stroiteley St, 26
    +7 342 202-04-73

    Restaurants  Lunch delivery  Banquets 

  4. MED-CLINIC, KLINIKA KOMPLEKSNOY MEDITSINIRussia, 614010, Perm City, Klari TSetkin St, 14
    +7 342 288-55-93

    Medical centres  Bolnitsi, polikliniki, kliniki Permi  Terapiya, terapevt 

  5. MOY POVAR, KEYTERINGRussia, 614066, Perm City, Kosmonavtov fwy, 141
    +7 342 287-07-56

    Restaurants  Banquets  Catering 

  6. NASHVET, VETERINARNIY GOSPITALRussia, 614007, Perm City, Timiryazeva St, 25
    +7 342 216-22-11

    Veterinary services  Zoological goods. Goods for animals  vaccine 

    +7 909-111-75-42

    Beauty saloons. Solaria  Visage  Catering 

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