Companies: 3

MBA obrazovanie. Perm.

  1. BIZNESTEHNOLOGII, UCHEBNIY TSENTRRussia, 614990, Perm City, Petropavlovskaya St, 53
    +7 342 212-06-00

    Training unit  Trainings. Personality self-perfection  MBA obrazovanie 

  2. EKONOMICHESKIY FAKULTET PGNIURussia, 614990, Perm City, Bukireva St, 15
    +7 342 239-63-60

    Universities  MBA obrazovanie  Accountancy 

  3. LINKAMA, SHKOLA BIZNESARussia, 614010, Perm City, Komsomolskiy avenue, 76
    +7 342 281-08-10

    MBA obrazovanie  Additional education  seminars 

The help system "ALLO" contains the information on overwhelming majority of really working companies and the organizations of Perm and the Perm edge in the database. We constantly collect the data from firms about their goods, services and contacts and we watch an urgency of this information. We hope that you will find in our products the companies interesting you, the goods and services. Yours faithfully, collective Izdateltsva NjuToN in Perm.

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