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Pruzhini . Perm and Perm Region. The catalogue of the goods and services.

  1. BRADISRussia, 614064, Perm City, CHkalova St, 9a, of. 205
    +7 342 202-35-45

    Machine-building and metal-working  Pruzhini  

  2. DALIRussia, 614068, Perm City, Naberezhnaya St, 11
    +7 342 201-05-55

    Furniture. Furniture accessories  furniture upholstery  foam plastic 

  3. IXORA-MS, AVTOZAPCHASTI DLYA INOMAROKRussia, 618400, Perm Region, Berezniki Town, Sovetskiy avenue, 2
    +7 919-470-05-00

    Car spare parts for cars from abroad  Auto oil  shock-absorbers 

  4. PERMSKIY PRUZHINNO-RESSORNIY ZAVODRussia, 614014, Perm City, 1905 goda St, 35
    +7 342 254-47-10

    Factories, industrial complexes, mills  Automobile Spare parts, automobile equipment  Pruzhini  

  5. PROMINVESTRussia, 614058, Perm City, Derevoobdelochnaya St, 3, of. 5
    +7 342 229-89-35

    Metal-roll. Metalwear.Wire products  Pruzhini  

  6. SET MAGAZINOV AVTOZAPCHASTEY UAZ, GAZ, VAZRussia, 614017, Perm City, KIM St, 83
    +7 342 260-21-38

    Automobile Spare parts, automobile equipment  Car spare parts GAS, Gazel  Car spare parts UAZ 

  7. SET MAGAZINOV AVTOZAPCHASTEY UAZ, GAZ, VAZRussia, 614047, Perm City, Generala Dovatora St, 36
    +7 342 275-67-81

    Automobile Spare parts, automobile equipment  Avtooborudovanie  Car spare parts GAS, Gazel 

  8. SINDIKATRussia, 614014, Perm City, Lifanova St, 2, of. 13
    +7 908-262-51-28

    Machine-building and metal-working  Metal goods  metalwork 

  9. TOPCAR, AVTOZAPCHASTI DLYA INOMAROKRussia, 614088, Perm City, Kosmonavta Leonova St, 53b
    +7 342 205-81-25

    Automobile oils, chemical goods for automobiles  Automobile accessories. Automobile audiotechnics, automobile literature  Car cosmetics 

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