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Polish of vehicle body and plastic. Perm and Perm Region. The catalogue of the goods and services.

  1. A-MARKET, ZAPCHASTI NA INOMARKIRussia, 614000, Perm City, - St
    +7 342 271-51-53

    Avtozapchasti Audi Audi  Automobile Spare parts, automobile equipment  Car spare parts for cars from abroad 

  2. AVTO-MAKSI, AVTOSERVISRussia, 614064, Perm City, Geroev Hasana St, 37a
    +7 902-474-12-47

    Polish of vehicle body and plastic  Car-care centre  Kuzovnoy remont  

  3. AVTOSERVIS, KUZOVNOY REMONTRussia, 618556, Perm Region, Solikamsk Town, Dubravnaya St, 4
    +7 965-569-55-55

    Car-care centre. Car washes  Kuzovnoy remont   Pokraska avtomobilya 

  4. Avto Dom, DomCarbonaRussia, 614065, Perm City, Promishlennaya St, 17
    +7 342 296-38-00

    Antikorrozionnaya (antikorroziynaya) zaschita avtomobilya  Antikorrozionnaya (antikorroziynaya) obrabotka avtomobilya  Car-care centre 

  5. COLOR GLORussia, 614111, Perm City, YAblochkova St, 9
    +7 904-841-07-06

    Himchistka salona avto  Car Polish  Polish of vehicle body and plastic 

  6. DINITROL, SERVIS-TSENTRRussia, 614013, Perm City, Speshilova St, 102/3
    +7 342 250-77-54

    SHumoizolyatsiya avtomobilya   Car sound  Car-care centre 

  7. DROBOT SERGEY YUREVICHRussia, 614113, Perm City, Magistralnaya St, 51 boks 16B
    +7 951-936-45-46

    Car-care centre  Kuzovnoy remont   Polish of vehicle body and plastic 

  8. LOCAL PLUS, TSENTR KUZOVNOGO REMONTARussia, 614500, Perm City, Kosmonavtov fwy, 320b/14
    +7 342 288-88-20

    Car-care centre  Kuzovnoy remont   Antikorrozionnaya (antikorroziynaya) zaschita avtomobilya 

  9. PODKOVA, AVTOTSENTR V G. SOLIKAMSKRussia, 618553, Perm Region, Solikamsk Town, Molodezhnaya St, 8
    +7 34253 4-87-87

    Car-care centre. Car washes  tire fitting  Automobile repair 

  10. TIP-TOP, AVTOMOBILNIY KOMPLEKS V G. SOLIKAMSKRussia, 618500, Perm Region, Solikamsk Town, Kaliynaya St, 123a
    +7 34253 7-06-06

    Avtomoyki  Car-care centre. Car washes  Car parks. Garages 

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