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thermometer. Perm and Perm Region. The catalogue of the goods and services.

  1. ALPHA-MEDIСA PERMRussia, 614025, Perm City, Geroev Hasana St, 46 liter F, ofis 411
    +7 342 207-75-95

    Medical technics, instruments, equipment  thermometer  Meditsinskoe oborudovanie 

  2. BASSEYNI POOLINTEX INTEKS PERM, MAGAZIN-SKLAD, D. KROHOVORussia, 614000, Perm Region, Perm district, Krohovo Village, Polevaya St, 12a
    +7 342 287-15-15

    Basseyni razbornie  Household chemical goods  Internet magazini 

  3. ChemreaktivshabRussia, 614010, Perm City, Marshrutnaya St, 11, of. 6
    +7 342 240-93-33

    Chemical products  Laboratornie pribori   Himicheskie reaktivi  

  4. KAMSKAYA HIMICHESKAYA KOMPANIYA (KHK)Russia, 614000, Perm City, Lyadovskaya St, 1331
    +7 342 209-99-09

    Plastikovie bochki  Chemical products  reactors 

  5. PREZIDENT FISH, RIBOLOVNIY MAGAZIN V TTS "GOSTINIY DVOR"Russia, 614039, Perm City, Komsomolskiy avenue, 54
    +7 342 220-36-04

    Ohotniki i ribolovi  Hunting and fishing goods  Boats 

  6. PROFODEZHDA, KOMPANIYARussia, 618400, Perm Region, Berezniki Town, Biryukovoy St, 7
    +7 3424 23-20-03

    Posuda optom  Oborudovanie dlya obschestvennogo pitaniya  Crockery 

  7. REGION-TREYDRussia, 618400, Perm Region, Berezniki Town, Klyuchevaya St, 51
    +7 3424 26-77-71

    Laking and pipeline armature  Goods for gardeners  Metal goods 

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