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wallpapers with painting. Perm and Perm Region. The catalogue of the goods and services.

  1. ABSOLUT, REKLAMNIY TSENTRRussia, 614010, Perm City, Geroev Hasana St, 9a, of. 219
    +7 342 276-77-02

    Advertising acrivity  SHtrihkodi  Pictures 

  2. ALFA-KRussia, 614025, Perm City, Geroev Hasana St, 10571
    +7 342 259-51-65

    Building and trimming materials  Barth-room furniture  ceramic bathroom fittings 

  3. Dekor vinilRussia, 614000, Perm City, Geroev Hasana St, 56
    +7 342 293-63-45

    Design of quarters. Interior  wallpapers with painting  Wall-papers 

  4. GRUPPA MAGAZINOV OVSRussia, 618545, Perm Region, Solikamsk Town, Karnallitovaya St, 74
    +7 34253 4-88-05

    Building and trimming materials  Sanitary engineering  Oboi 

  5. KOLORIT, MAGAZINRussia, 614000, Perm Region, Berezniki Town, Pyatiletki St, 110
    +7 3424 24-96-17

    Plitka Dlya vannoy  Vases  Presents. Souvenirs. Rewards 

  6. PARTNER PKFRussia, 614066, Perm City, Kosmonavtov fwy, 11127, ofis 100
    +7 342 215-59-03

    Polygraphic service  Bill-boards  wallpapers with painting 

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