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building timber. Perm and Perm Region. The catalogue of the goods and services.

  1. BAZISRussia, 614010, Perm City, Kuybisheva St, 113a, of. 9
    +7 342 247-87-07

    Building and trimming materials  aerated concrete  aerated concrete blocks 

  2. DOROZHNIK 2000Russia, 614513, Perm Region, Perm district, Pesyanka Village, Stroiteley St, 1b
    +7 342 277-74-83

    Equipment for building. Roadbuilding technics  agricultural technics  building timber 

  3. NAVIGATORRussia, 614023 7701, Perm City, Buksirnaya St, 4
    +7 342 250-49-87

    lifting cranes  Building materials and constructions, production  makeshift barracks 

  4. OMIKRONRussia, 614051, Perm City, Vostochniy obhod St, 80
    +7 342 241-74-73

    Building and trimming materials  linings  floor moulding 

  5. PERMSKAYA LESNAYA KOMPANIYARussia, 614066, Perm City, Mira St, 26, ofis 19
    +7 342 227-46-89

    Saw-timber. Finish  Timber industry. Woodworking  Wooden goods 

  6. TEHNIKA DLYA SKLADARussia, 614990, Perm City, Kosmonavtov fwy, 111, ofis 108
    +7 342 220-87-07

    Trade scaffolding  Hydraulic equipment  Building and trimming materials 

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