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fireproof material. Perm and Perm Region. The catalogue of the goods and services.

  1. FIRMA PEGUSRussia, 614113, Perm City, Galperina St, 17v
    +7 342 250-18-81

    Building stone. Brick. Clay  Oblitsovochniy kirpich, kamen  Building blends 

  2. GIRTABRussia, 614112, Perm City, Vasnetsova St, 12a
    +7 342 274-04-14

    The rest production  fireproof material 

  3. PERMOGNEUPORKOMPLEKTRussia, 614112, Perm City, Vasnetsova St, 12a, of. 9
    +7 342 285-16-66

    Basalt, basalt fiber  The rest production  Heat-insulated materials 

  4. ZIMOVE, TORGOVIY DOM, DZHUTOVIY UTEPLITEL OT PROIZVODITELYARussia, 614012, Perm City, Norilskaya St, 8, of. 309
    +7 342 250-56-69

    Building and trimming materials  Building materials and constructions, production  Building of cotteges and private houses 

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