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land properties rent. Perm and Perm Region. The catalogue of the goods and services.

  1. AGENTSTVO NEDVIZHIMOSTI PERMI I PERMSKOGO RAYONARussia, 614065, Perm City, Kosmonavtov fwy, 353, of.2
    +7 342 247-73-70

    Arenda nedvizhimosti  Zemleustroystvo, kartografiya, geodeziya  Rental of land 

  2. DELOVOY KVARTALRussia, 614039, Perm City, Revolyutsii St, 32
    +7 342 210-51-50

    Agentstva nedvizhimosti  Evaluative activity  Real estate exchange 

  3. KVARTAL, AGENTSTVO NEDVIZHIMOSTI G. SOLIKAMSKRussia, 618500, Perm Region, Solikamsk Town, Stepana Razina St, 60
    +7 34253 6-75-50

    Real estate operations  Rent  Hotels 

  4. TAZMER-S, ARENDA KOMMERCHESKOY NEDVIZHIMOSTIRussia, 618400, Perm Region, Berezniki Town, Sovetskiy avenue, 3
    +7 912-488-65-77

    Rent warehouse  Real estate rent, placements rent  Selling spaces rent 

The help system "ALLO" contains the information on overwhelming majority of really working companies and the organizations of Perm and the Perm edge in the database. We constantly collect the data from firms about their goods, services and contacts and we watch an urgency of this information. We hope that you will find in our products the companies interesting you, the goods and services. Yours faithfully, collective Izdateltsva NjuToN in Perm.

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