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slings. Perm and Perm Region. The catalogue of the goods and services.

  1. DIALRussia, 614990, Perm City, Promishlennaya St, 125
    +7 342 294-92-86

    Load-lifting and warehouse equipment  slings  cargo 

  2. GRUZOPODEMNIE SISTEMI I MEHANIZMIRussia, 614111, Perm City, YAblochkova St, 9, ofis 3
    +7 342 247-65-30

    Load-lifting and warehouse equipment  Equipment for building. Roadbuilding technics  Jil, chemical and gas equipment 

  3. MEHANIK-VRussia, 614033, Perm City, Lodigina St, 5
    +7 919-495-55-99

    Jil, chemical and gas equipment  Load-lifting and warehouse equipment  Domkrati 

  4. METIZ-PZURussia, 614056, Perm City, Solikamskaya St, 273
    +7 342 263-16-63

    Metal goods  Equipment for building. Roadbuilding technics  slings 

  5. MIR PODSHIPNIKOVRussia, 618400, Perm Region, Berezniki Town, Uralskih Tankistov St, 15
    +7 3424 29-96-99

    Industrial equipment  Svarochnoe oborudovanie  Automobile Spare parts, automobile equipment 

  6. PERMSKIY ZAVOD GRUZOPODEMNOGO OBORUDOVANIYARussia, 614025, Perm City, Geroev Hasana St, 92i, of. 1
    +7 342 259-54-95

    Load-lifting and warehouse equipment  Geodesic, geological survey equipment  Welding equipment. Electrodes 

  7. TEHKOMPLEKTATSIYA-PERMRussia, 614033, Perm City, Vasileva St, 19
    +7 342 270-02-05

    Industrial equipment  Load-lifting and warehouse equipment  Welding equipment. Electrodes 

  8. VIRARussia, 614023, Perm City, Svetlogorskaya St, 10aa
    +7 342 277-33-29

    slings  Load-lifting and warehouse equipment  ropes 

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